Does K-Longest series key cabinet allow to change the software language?

Yes. Currently K-Longest series supports English, French, German, Russian, and Polish. Users could change the languages in the software settings.

How many records could be stored in K-Longest series key cabinet? How many users could be registered?

No limit. In principle, the K-Longest series has no restrictions on the number of data and users.

Can users change their passwords?

Yes, after login, users can change their passwords on the “My page”.

Can the K-Longest series key cabinet be controlled remotely?

Yes,Network version supports remote reservation, application, approval, query report and other operations.

How many fingerprints can be registered in the K-Longest series key cabinet?

Three fingerprints can be registered on the same finger or on different fingers.

What is the RFID frequency of the key tag?


What is the standby battery specifications for A-180E?

Dc 12V, at least 3500mA, the battery capacity is larger the key cabinet will work longer.

Why the network communication light is not on?

Check whether the network card module works normally;Check whether the port number in the DATABASE TCP/IP setting is correct; Verify the Baud rate and Server IP; Replace the hardware motherboard and network card module to check if the hardware has problem; Check if the cable is loose or not plugged in.